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Our history

For Leander, it's about making a positive difference in the everyday life of the children and their parents. A passion driven by purpose and stylish design is a matter of course for us. Regardless of whether it's about creating a safe base for your child to sleep in, giving you and your child the best conditions when changing diapers, or creating a functional way for your family to gather around the dinner table.

Solid craftsmanship and curiosity

The story begins in 1998 with the design of the Leander cradle and a desire to create a simple and functional piece of furniture. Stig Leander's sister-in-law was expecting twins, which led him to want to design a cradle that could both soothe and stimulate the children's development. He saw the vision of a simple, functional cradle that would meet a real need. Less than a year later, the iconic Leander Classic™ cradle was available in selected stores in Denmark.

Much more than furniture design

Stig Leander is the designer of all of Leander's furniture. All his designs are based on the idea of meeting a specific need and with a desire to make a difference. Behind every piece of furniture, you see a well-thought-out vision and solid craftsmanship. The furniture combines functionality and uncompromising quality that can be passed on from generation to generation. This is what, in our opinion, characterizes a true design classic.

Responsibility and sustainability

At Leander, we believe in form, function, and honest materials. The materials we use are selected with the greatest care and must be durable, aesthetically pleasing, and highly functional. We are always challenging and exploring the many possibilities when working with wood, leather, molded PUR foam, and fabric.

The manufacture of Leander furniture has always been based on high-quality raw materials. Our production is located in different parts of Europe where we know the origin of our raw materials and can have close contact with our suppliers. All our products are tested and certified according to European standards.

All the care in the world

Today, Leander still adheres to the same design philosophy with which it all began. It must make sense, inspire and stimulate the child. Therefore, Leander is not just a furniture company. It is a philosophy, a feeling, and an approach to function, material, and form. That's what we call, All the care in the world.