Stories/It's finally time to decorate the children's room!

    It's finally time to decorate the children's room!

    When you're expecting your baby, some preparation is required, including shopping for things for your baby's new and first room. To make it a little easier, Jabadabado has put together a guide with products that will help you create the perfect little crawl space that invites both coziness and activity. 

    If you want to find personal toys and children's furniture, Jabadabado is the place to check out. They manufacture and sell self-designed products in sustainable and natural materials with a focus on color, form, and function.


    Here are 5  best tips for the baby's room:

    1. Stimulate the child's senses and movements with a mobile 

    A mobile with different colors and patterns is perfect to hang over the baby's bed and/or changing table to stimulate the baby's senses during the first months. At Jabadabado there are decorative mobiles in light wood with several different figures in different colors, how about colorful airplanes, cool underwater figures, or cute teddy bears?

    For extra stimulation, you can choose the music mobile that plays "Brahms Lullaby" while the cute figures slowly move around. Perfect when you want to put your baby to sleep. A white plastic mobile arm is included with this sweet music mobile.

    Wooden mobiles

    Discover all wooden mobiles in different models, colors, and shapes. Here you can find wooden mobile arms, in three different colors.

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    2. Comfort with the snuff blanket  

    The snuff blanket is soft, cozy, and for many children associated with security. A snuff blanket can also help the baby learn self-regulation, that is, to manage their emotions and calm themselves when they are upset or sad. By having a snuff blanket, the baby can learn to self-regulate and feel safer in different situations. Jabadabado's snuff blanket consists of 100% muslin cotton and only gets softer and softer with each use. It is available as a rabbit, teddy bear, and elephant whose ears are perfect for the baby to sit and finger with.

    3. Get motor skills started with a baby gym  

    Jabadabado's wooden baby gym is not only perfect for stimulating the development of the child's visual and motor skills but also becomes a beautiful decoration detail in the children's room. The baby gym increases the interaction between the parent and the baby by providing a place where the parent can play and interact with the baby on a playful and interactive level.

    4. Increase the cozy factor with practical interior design  

    For the children's room to feel cozy and soft, a bunch of decorative pillows is a good option. Jabadabado's hand-stitched pillows with ears are soft and perfect to rest on but also play with. Made from the softest muslin woven cotton and polyester fiber filling.

    Storage is essential in a children's room. In Jabadabado's cute and practical fabric baskets, you can store your growing collection of toys and stuffed animals.

    5. Create a snug sleeping area 

    To make the bed extra cozy, a bed canopy is the perfect choice. It can also be advantageously hung in the middle of the room and instead become a cozy playground or in a corner with cushions to create a lovely reading corner.