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Choosing a cloth nappy for a newborn – here are our best tips!

Choosing cloth diapers before you even have children is difficult. But it is a good tip to do it before the baby has arrived because the first time with a baby can be intense and the time for research is limited. Here, we have put together our best tips on which of Vimse's cloth diapers are suitable for newborn babies and a little about how you can think about it.


Our size-matched diaper pants are small and cute and usually fit the baby the best. Extra clever that the smallest size is a little lower at the front in the waist than the larger sizes. This is to avoid rubbing against the umbilical stump. The diaper pant is always used on top of an absorbent layer and the diaper pant's function is to act as a leakage barrier.

As mentioned, an absorbent layer is needed for the diaper pants, we recommend a shaped terry cloth diaper.

The shaped terry cloth nappy looks much like a regular nappy, although it is made of organic terry cloth. The diaper also has an extra insert to use when needed and for better absorption. The diaper is easily put on the child and is suitable for both day and night as it has great absorbency. The diaper pants are placed on top of the shaped diaper as a leakage barrier. 

We also want to strike a blow for Vimse's All-in-one diaper. Just like the fitted diaper pant, this one is also lower in the front on the smallest size, to protect the navel. The all-in-one diaper is unbeatable in its simplicity. With two absorbent layers already sewn into the diaper pants, no loose parts are needed. The disadvantage is that when there is pee, the entire diaper must be washed. Since there is a lot of pee in the beginning, there will be a lot of laundries and a lot of diapers, and since the all-in-one cloth diaper is not the cheapest model of cloth diapers, it will be quite expensive in the long run if you choose to just run on everything -in a. Although the second-hand market is large and the second-hand value is reasonably high, it is not the most economical option. We rather recommend having a few different kinds of diapers for different situations.

But the All-in-two diaper then? Isn't it good? Yes, it is excellent and very economical and flexible, as it is adjustable and "grows" in step with your child. But it usually doesn't suit newborns very well, unfortunately. It usually fits best on babies who weigh about 5 kg and more, because you need to fasten the front of the diaper to the desired size, there is usually a lot of diaper and fabric on a small baby and it can be difficult to get the diaper to fit tightly around small baby booties. For this reason, we do not usually recommend the All-in-two diaper for newborns. 

All children are different and cloth diapers are something you need to experiment with to find what you are comfortable with. Our best tip is to have a few different models and mix and match them as needed. Some size-adjusted diaper pants together with shaped terry cloth diapers should be the basic structure. When the baby has grown out of its diapers, the resale value of cloth diapers is relatively high. There are good buy & sell groups on Facebook where you can sell outgrown diapers. Or to save for any future siblings or other babies in your vicinity.

Good luck, and how nice that you are considering cloth nappies!