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Cloth nappy guide for babysitters

Are you going to have a babysitter? And does your child have cloth nappies? Then we have the guide for you. Print or send the link to your babysitter and your child's nappy changes will proceed like clockwork! It can be hard to leave the apple of your eye, it is not easy and relaxed to sit at dinner and think about how things are going at home.


What should you think about when you have a babysitter?
If you have a babysitter who isn't familiar with cloth nappies, it's a good idea to set up a good changing table with all the equipment laid out. Be very precise with a list of points and a note explaining what the different things are. For the experienced cloth nappy wearer, it's easy, but for a newcomer, flat, AIO and pocket may seem like a foreign language. We recommend that they use the all-in-one nappy, it is flexible and especially popular with babysitters who are not so familiar with to cloth diapers. Another good product to use is Paper liner which is great for dealing with poo. Make sure you have a wet bag visible where they can put the dirty nappy. If there is only pee, there is no need to rinse. If there is poo, you can flush it down the toilet.

Where to find a good babysitter?
It is not everyone who has access to support from grandparents, aunts or neighbours. Vimse would like to recommend the company BabySits as a meeting place for parents and babysitters. Maybe there's a great babysitter just around the corner, maybe you passed a parent in the supermarket who needs a babysitter this weekend. The problem is that we don't always speak with the people we meet, which can make it challenging for parents and babysitters to find each other. BabySits has created a safe, simple and affordable platform that brings parents and babysitters together. Regardless of if you are looking for a homework assistant, monster scarer, nappy changer, peek-a-boo expert or a fort builder, there is someone for you! Visit the Babysit website and create a free account so you can quickly find parents or babysitters in your area.