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What are menstrual panties?

Menstrual panties are comfortable and gentle menstrual protection, which you wash and use again and again. The absorbent function is sewn into the panties and consists of several layers of organic cotton. Finally, there is a leakage barrier so you can be sure that the period panties does not leak.

Imse's menstrual panties are unique on the market as they can be washed at 60 degrees, are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX and are manufactured in Europe.

Below you can read more about our materials, washing advice and answers to frequently asked questions.

Choose panty according to flow

Imse offers period underwear with four different levels of absorption. Higher absorption means both more layers in the absorbent core and longer protection both in the front and back of the panty.

How much you bleed is individual, but most people bleed between 40-100 ml during an entire period, i.e. approximately 1/2 dl - 1 dl.

Washing instructions period panties - can be washed at 60 degrees

Before first use:

Wash your panties once before using them for the first time. It improves absorbency.

After use:

  • Rinse the panties in cold water and wring out.

  • Put them in the washing machine straight away or hang them to dry until it's time to wash.

  • Laundry day! Wash at 60 degrees together with your other laundry. Avoid both fabric softener and bleach, as this can affect the absorbency of the panties.

  • Finally, dry. Let the panties hang to dry - then they will last the longest. Or use tumble dryers or low temperature drying cabinets.

Made in Europe

Have you noticed that most players on the market do not write where their menstrual panties are manufactured? We are very proud of our good collaboration with factories in Europe, our menstrual panties are made in Latvia and Ukraine.

Materials with care for the body and the environment

Imse has two different series of absorbent panties. High waist, Hipster and Bikini are our cotton panties. Seamless sports are our panties in functional material.

Period panties in organic cotton - High waist, Hipster and Bikini
The panties themselves consist of 95% organic cotton, strengthened with 5% elastane which provides durability and elasticity. In the crotch, they have a surface layer of 100% organic cotton. The absorbent core consists of several layers of brushed organic cotton, and finally there is a leakage barrier of laminated polyester so you can be sure that the period panties will not leak.

Panties in functional material - Seamless Hipster
The material of our Seamless Hipster panty is adapted to be extra comfortable during exercise, but of course you can use it for more than that. The panties themselves are made of 80% polyamide and 20% elastane. In the crotch, they have a surface layer of 100% polyester. The absorbent core consists of brushed organic cotton, and finally there is a leakage barrier of laminated polyester so you can be sure that the panties will not leak.

Materials carefully selected and tested
The entire Imse range is certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, which means that the products meet high human-ecological requirements, i.e. does not contain chemicals in levels that are harmful to health.

Available in different colors
Imse's period panties are available in different colors and the inside has the same color as the outside, which gives a discreet look. Our best-selling color is black, but many of our users also appreciate the other colors where the color/amount/consistency of the menstrual blood becomes clearer to see - perfect for you who want to keep a good track of your period.

Imse answers to frequently asked questions

How often do I need to change period panties? And how many do I need?
There is no simple answer - it is individual and depends on the flow and chosen absorption of the panty, but usually they last for use for 8-16 hours. Remember that you do not need to switch to period panties all at once, our recommendation is to start with 2-3 panties so that you can feel what suits you. Your flow and washing options will affect how many you need in total, as a pair of period panties can be used several times during a period after washing. Every time you replace a disposable cover with a reusable one, you are doing a good thing for the environment.

Why do period panties have different absorption? Don't you always want to use panties with maximum absorption?

It is always best to match your need for protection with a period panty. If you're thinking of disposable pads - there are night pads with more absorption, but if you don't need them during the day, you'd rather choose a smaller and more flexible pad. The principle is the same with period panties. Period panties are simply most comfortable when you follow your flow.

If you have several pairs of panties for different flows, is it possible to tell the difference between them?

Yes, the flow of the panty is stated on the size label in the panty.

Does Imse have menstrual panties for children and young people?

Regardless of age, Imse's period panties are a practical and good choice. The panties are available in sizes XS-XXL and fit many bodies. XS corresponds to size 146-152 cl (10-12 years) and S corresponds to 158-164 cl (12-14 years). Our period panties Bikini (available with light/medium/high absorption) was chosen by our young test group as their favourite, but it is individual.

Can you wear Imse's period panties during the night?
Yes! We recommend our two models with high absorption, High waist and Bikini. Both have back absorption all the way to the waistband. The high waist panty also has absorption at the front all the way to the waistband.

Which period panties are suitable as a back-up if I use a tampon?
Our models with light or lightest absorption are perfect for a smaller flow or as extra protection when using a menstrual cup or tampon. Thin, flexible and safe.

Why do I get spots/discoloration in the crotch?
The vagina has a low ph value that protects your abdomen. On textiles, a chemical reaction may occur where the color is bleached, which is completely harmless. On black fabric, this fading can become reddish. It is completely normal and nothing that is visible from the outside or affects the function of the panties.

Do Imse's period panties contain biocides, nanosilver or any antibacterial treatment?
No. We believe that there is no positive reason for adding this. Instead, we have focused on developing a quality product that can handle 60 degree washing.

Can I get free shipping?
Yes, for purchases over SEK 600 you get free shipping with our standard delivery within Sweden.

Can I return the panties if they don't fit?
In order for you to feel completely safe with your purchase of period underwear, we offer a 60-day try-on guarantee. For 60 days, you get to use Imse's period panties and experience how they work. If you are not satisfied - contact customer service via and tell us why, and you'll get your money back. The guarantee only applies to your first purchase of one (1) period panty from Imse at

When buying period panties, you have the right to open the package and try the panties in a hygienic way, with your own thin panties underneath, to determine if the size is correct. If you are unhappy with the size, you can return these to us.

We now offer an extended return option to 60 days, provided that the product is unused and still has its packaging. This means that you have the opportunity to buy several panties in your first order, but only open and use one (1) period panty during the time that the try-on guarantee applies. To decide whether you want to keep the other panties in your order or make a return, within 60 days.

To make a return:

•      Contact customer service via e-mail:

•       State the order number and which products you intend to return.

•       Customer service sends out a return slip via e-mail, which you print out and attach to the package. You must then send the item back to us without unreasonable delay and no later than within 14 days. The cost of the waybill that we provide you with is EUR 4.90.

We hope you will love your period panties from Imse for a long time to come!

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