Potty training Guide

    Why potty-training pants?

    Our training pants are pants specifically designed for use during potty training. The pants are put on the same way as normal pants or underwear. They feature an extra absorbent cotton layer which helps to soak up urine and causes your child to feel a wet sensation. The feeling of having wet pants on teaches the child to connect the feeling of needing to go with the wet pants. 

    The training pants aren’t waterproof albeit they do consist of a moisture-protective layer. The leg elastic is made from cotton string meaning it will start to leak if the pants are full, which is precisely what's supposed to happen. When your child has started to pee in the pants take them off and put the child on the potty or the toilet. This helps them to connect the sensation of needing to go with the need to sit on the potty, which will eventually result in them being able to say in good time when they need to go to the toilet. 

    It’s important to keep potty training as relaxed as possible, and not to nag or pressure your child in the process. Some children can be quite reluctant to use the potty or toilet and may need a little extra incentive. Try to turn potty training into an enjoyable activity and let your child dictate the pace at which it happens. Ask your child at regular intervals whether they need to pee and put them on the potty even if they don’t feel they need to go right there and then. Sometimes there’ll be a bit of pee even if your child doesn’t feel they need to go.


    Which size should you choose?

    Sizes are categorized by weight. The most important thing is that the potty-training pants fit comfortably. Our training pants come in a range of sizes, from 9 kg up to 20 kg.

    Can you use potty training pants instead of nappies?

    Yes and no. Training pants are great to use instead of nappies during the day when a child is potty training, but since the nappy will leak if it gets very full, use a nappy if this is something you want to avoid. The training pants’ elastic around the legs is made of cotton, in contrast to that of our nappies which are designed to be waterproof and avoid leakage. Owing to this, using training pants during the night or during your child’s regular nap time is not recommended. Training pants are, in other words, not nappies.

    How to wash your potty training pants?

    Potty training pants should be washed at 60 degrees.

    How many potty training pants do you need?

    It slightly depends on how many accidents there tend to be and how your potty training journey is going. It also depends on how much you wash them, but 3-5 of training pants are usually enough for most children. At the start, accidents may happen a bit more often so the pants will need to be changed and washed more often. After doing potty training for a while, accidents will occur less and less, meaning fewer changes and washes.

    When can children stop using potty training pants?

    It’s very individual and depends on when you start potty training, but our sizes start at 9 kg and up. Some start very early, as early as even day one, while others choose to wait a year or longer. So, the answer to that question is that it’s good to start using potty-training pants when it feels right for you.

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