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What are swim nappies?

Swimming diapers are specially designed to be worn in the water and their main function is to ensure that no poo gets into the bathing water. A swim diaper does not swell up in the water, as a normal diaper does if it ends up in the water. It will also not be heavy and unwieldy and weigh the child down in the water. Our swim diapers are also washable and can be used many, many times.

Why use a washable swim diaper instead of a disposable diaper?

By choosing a product that can be used again and again instead of being thrown away after each use, you save both money and the environment. Below you can read more about our materials, washing advice, and answers to frequently asked questions.

This is how swim diapers work

A swim diaper keeps the poo in the pants and prevents it from leaking out and ending up in the water. Put on the swimming diaper pants just like a normal swimming trunk. Make sure that the elastic around the thighs, groin, and waist is on well. If it is loose, the trousers are too big and will not fulfill their function.

Check the swim diaper at regular intervals

It can be good to check the diaper 1-2 times an hour. Also, be observant of the baby's signals. Slightly older children can advantageously be taken to the bathroom 1-2 times an hour to see if they need to fulfill their needs.

When there has been poo in the bathing diaper, it is time to change. If the poop is allowed to remain in the diaper in the water, it will eventually be dissolved by the water and seep out into the bath water. So change your swim diaper as soon as you notice it. Remove the child from the water as soon as possible.

This is what you do when the child has pooped in the diaper

Take the child out of the water as soon as he has pooped in the diaper. Change the diaper to a clean one. Flush the poo down the toilet and rinse off the swim nappy. Put it in a wet bag until you get home. We recommend that you have two swim nappies to be able to change to a clean one when the accident has happened.

Which size should you choose?

Our swimming diapers are size marked according to weight. However, we recommend that you measure the child and compare it with the size chart to find the right size. Children are built very differently and two children with the same weight can look completely different physically, therefore the weight information is not completely reliable. You will find the size chart for each product on the product page (product image).

How to measure your child correctly according to the size chart?

The two most important measurements are around the thighs and waist and the elastic is tight.
Waist: Measure around the waist where the pants sit, and compare with the measurement chart.
Thighs: This measurement is taken at the top around the thigh at the child's groin.
Inside measurements: the inside measurement is taken by measuring from the middle of the waist elastic on the front, down under and between the legs of the child, and up to the middle of the waist elastic at the back.

If the child fits into two sizes - do this:

Sometimes it happens that the measurements are within the range of two different sizes. The most important thing is that the waist measurement and thigh measurement fit, so let the two measurements be the deciding factor. The trousers must fit well around the legs to avoid poo ending up outside and in the water.

Washing instructions bath diapers
  • Rinse out the swim diaper to remove chlorine residues, salt water, or urine.

    Machine wash together with your normal laundry at 40 degrees.

  • We do not recommend bleach as the colors will be affected. The material can also deteriorate.

  • We do not recommend drying the swim nappy as this can deteriorate the material.

Materials with care for the body and the environment

What are the swim nappies made of?

Vimses swim diapers are made from recycled fishing nets (!) with a waterproof surface layer of PUL. The inner layer helps to contain the poo without leaking through. The pee will pass through the bone seal but not the poo. Our swim nappies are OEKO-TEX certified.

Vimse answers common questions

Does it hold tight for a pee?

It will not hold tight for a pee. In washable diaper bath pants, there is no absorbent material and even if there was, this material would absorb not only pee but also water. When the diaper then becomes saturated, the pee will mix with the water in the pool in any case. Having an absorbent material in the diaper would also make the diaper heavy and unwieldy and inhibit the child's freedom of movement and ability to float. Urine in water is no problem as urine is sterile. The chlorine in the pool also helps purify the water.

Does a swim diaper keep loose poo tight?

Loose poop will dissolve in the water much faster than solid feces do. So no, the swim diaper will not hold tight for loose poo. In other words, if you know that your child is loose in the stomach, it may be a smart idea to refrain from bathing for everyone's health and well-being.

When does the child need a swim diaper?

A swim diaper of some kind is necessary until the child has learned not to poop in the diaper.

When can the child stop using a swim nappy?

When the child has stopped pooping in the diaper and can tell that it is time to go to the toilet.

Why are there no inserts in the bathing diaper?

A swimming diaper pant is designed to keep the poo inside the pant so it doesn't get into the water. A swim diaper has no absorbent material as it would also absorb the bath water and make the swim diaper heavy and unwieldy and weigh the child down in the water. An absorbent layer would also not hold the pee because it would mix up with the regular water.

Why can't a child use a normal diaper in the bath?

A normal diaper will swell up if it ends up in the water and become heavy and uncomfortable for the child. The extra weight also affects the child's center of gravity and buoyancy, which in turn can become a danger in the water. Regular diapers are not suitable for water play and are also not allowed in public pools.

Should the child wear something under the bathing diaper?

Nothing is needed under the bathing diaper.

Can the swim nappy be used as a normal nappy?

Since there is no absorbent material in the swim nappy, it cannot be used as a regular nappy.

TIPS! Check with the swimming pool which swimming nappies they approve.

Our swimming diaper pants are approved by the Swedish Baby Swimming Association, but each swimming hall has its own rules. Just to be safe, check with the swimming pool beforehand to avoid misunderstandings.

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