Why absorbent workout underwear?

This workout underwear has an inbuilt panty liner with a leakage barrier. Lots of us, for different reasons, need that extra bit of absorption in our underwear, particularly when it comes to working out. These are designed with all of us in mind! No doubt you’ve been on many a quest to seek out the perfect sports bra in order to get the most out of a workout session. Making the right choice when it comes to your workout underwear is pretty important too. Our workout underwear is designed to give you complete freedom of movement - and it fits like a glove!


Is workout underwear the same as period underwear?

The material is adapted to be extra comfortable during workouts, allowing you to move completely freely and with minimal friction. Workout underwear can be worn during your period, but its absorption capacity is that of a panty liner, so it shouldn’t solely be worn for period protection when your flow is at its heaviest.

Which bodily fluids might be absorbed?

The underwear’s absorption capacity is that of a panty liner, and works perfectly when, for example, you have a lighter flow, as extra protection when you have a menstrual cup or tampon inserted, in the event of heavy discharge, spotting or when you are nearing the end of your period.

Can it be used if you suffer from incontinence?

Incontinence is classed as an illness, and consequently, special medical certification is required to manufacture incontinence products. Imse's workout underwear does not have this type of certification.

How to wash your workout underwear

Wash your workout underwear in the washing machine at 60 together with your normal wash and usual detergent. Do not use fabric softener as, not only will this hinder the absorption function of the underwear, it won't do your lady bits any favours either. 

Let the underwear air dry - it will last longest this way - or put it in the tumble dryer or airing cupboard on a low temperature.

How much do they absorb?

Five millilitres per panty liner.

Can you wear them when riding a bike?

Absolutely! Imse's workout underwear is ideal for cycling, riding and doing other sports where having chafe-free underwear is essential.

Where are they made?

Our workout underwear is made in Ukraine.

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