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Cloth nappies for beginners!

Are you interested in using cloth nappies but not sure where to start? It can feel like a jungle, if you speak with experienced cloth nappy users, everyone already has their favourites. But we all have to find our own favourite and we'll try to help you do that. We recommend starting by purchasing a few different types rather than a whole set of one type. Children and parents are all different and have different needs. Plus, if there's a type you don't like, the second-hand market for cloth nappies is huge so they are easily resell.


We have 3 different cloth nappies:
All in two nappies - the most affordable option
All in one nappies - the most convenient option
The nappy cover - the most flexible option

This nappy is adjustable and fits children between 5-16 kilos, so the child can wear them throughout the nappy period. The nappy is comprised of a waterproof outer pant and two organic cotton inserts that you snap onto the pant. If you have a newborn baby, we suggest that you wait with the All in two option until the baby weighs about 5-6 kilos. What will I need? You will need about 6-8 All in Two nappies and about 18 extra sets of inserts for the entire nappy period. We estimate that you will need about eight changes per day and wash every third day. If you wash more often, you'll need less.

With this nappy, all the inserts are sewn in and so you change and wash the whole nappy at the same time. It is perfect as a night nappy, it is flexible and easy to use, What will I need? If you wash every third day and change about eight times a day, you'll need 24 nappies in each size. You may also need extra inserts for the overnight for larger children.

Diaper cover tillsammans med inlägg är enkelt och flexibelt system och kan kombineras efter barnets behov. Närmast barnets hud kan du välja en blöja som är formsydd i ekologisk bomullsfrotté, eller en klassisk vikblöja i rutvävd bomull. Över används en skalblöja (Diaper Cover) av polyestertyg med polyurethan-laminering (PUL) som håller ditt barn torrt samtidigt som den låter huden andas. Vad behöver jag? Du behöver ca 6-8 skalblöjor och 18 extra set med muslin/frotteblöjor för hela blöjperioden. Då har vi räknat med att du behöver ca 8 byten om dagen och tvättar var tredje dag. Tvättar du oftare så behöver du färre.

There are also additional inserts that can be used with cloth nappies for extra absorbency or biodegradable paper liners to make poo changes easier.
For information on how to wash and care for your nappies, we have some very handy advice in our FAQ.

Choose nappy pants based on your child's weight. Bear in mind that at overnight you may need a larger size of nappy pants to accommodate an extra insert or double nappy. Find the size guide here.