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Cloth nappy for newborn

Choosing cloth nappies before having a baby is difficult. Well, it's not that easy after the baby is born either. There are a wealth of different brands and models on the market, and it can easily become overwhelming for new parents to try to find the 'right' nappy for their little baby. To make it easier, we've put together our top tips on which cloth nappies are suitable for newborn babies and some ideas on what to consider.


Our size adjustable nappy pants are small and cute and are usually the best fit on the baby. A smart feature is that the smallest size is a little lower at the front of the waist than the larger sizes. This is to avoid rubbing against the umbilical stump.
The nappy pants are always used over an absorbent layer and the pants' function is to provide a leakage barrier. As we mentioned, an absorbent layer is needed for nappy pants. We have two great options here; classic flat nappies and the form fitted terry nappy. Both are excellent options suitable for little ones. Find nappy pants here. >>

A flat nappy is a square piece of thin cotton fabric that is then folded to the preferred fold and fitted to the baby. The nappy pants are then slipped over the flat nappy. In addition to acting as a moisture barrier, it also helps keep the flat nappy in place if you don't want to use a nappy needle or a Snappi. There are lots of different folds to choose from, and YouTube could be your new best friend. Read about our four favourites here! >>

Flat nappies are unbeatable for their variety of uses. They are widely used, for example, as vomiting cloths, blankets, sunshield, and as a thin baby blanket. They dry quickly and are easy to handwash. They are affordable, which is good as there are usually quite a few nappy changes for newborns. Find flat nappies here. >>

A shaped nappy looks just like a normal nappy, but it's made from organic terry cloth. The nappy also features an extra insert to use when needed and for better absorption.
The nappy is easy to put on and is a popular night-time nappy due to its high absorbency. Dry baby means better sleep for both the baby and parents. The nappy pants are placed over the top of the shaped nappy, as a leakage barrier. Find shaped nappies here. >>

We also want to give a shout out to our all-in-one nappy. Like the size adjustable nappy pants, this is also lower at the front on the smallest size to protect the belly button.
The all-in-one nappy is unbeatable for its simplicity! With two absorbent layers already sewn into the nappy pants, there's no need for folds or loose parts. This nappy has also proven to be very popular as a night nappy. The drawback is that when pee occurs, the whole nappy has to be washed. Since there is a lot of pee in the beginning, that means a lot of laundry and a lot of nappies, and since the all-in-one cloth nappy is not the most affordable model of cloth nappies, it will be quite pricey in the long run if you opt to use just the all-in-one. Although the second-hand market is large and the second-hand value is relatively high, it is still not the most cost-effective option. We recommend instead to have different types of nappies for different situations. Both flat nappies, fitted and some all-in-ones. Find the all-in-one nappy here. >>

But what about one-size nappies? Aren't they good? Well they are great and very affordable and convenient, as the baby doesn't outgrow them you gradually need to buy bigger sizes as you go along. Unfortunately, they are not generally very suitable for newborns. They typically fit best on babies weighing at least 5 kg, since you need to button the front of the nappy to the desired size, there is usually a lot of nappy and fabric on a small baby and it can be difficult to get the nappy to fit snugly around small baby thighs. That is why we do not usually recommend the one-size diaper for newborns. Find the one-size diaper here. >>

Children are all different and cloth nappies are really something you need to try out to find what you like. Our top tip is to have a few different models and mix and match as needed.
A few size-adjustable nappy pants and flat nappies should be staples in your nappy collection. Then some shaped ones for example for nighttime use and perhaps a couple of all-in-ones if you think they are a convenient option.
Flat nappies are easy to handwash between changes and dry quickly. Super handy if you have a laundry room and can't do laundry too often. The nappy pants are also easy to rinse and dry quickly between changes.
When the baby has grown out of nappies, the resale value is relatively high on cloth nappies. There are good buy & sell groups on Facebook where you can sell the outgrown nappies.

Tips on the amount of nappies needed (based on washing every three days):
- Size adjustable nappy pants 6 pack
- Flat nappies 3-4 packs (4 of each)
- Shaped nappies 1 pack (4 nappies in a pack)
- All-in-one nappies - optional

Good luck and I'm glad you're considering cloth nappies!
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