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Everything you need for swimming!

Are you joining a baby swim class or heading to the pool with the family? In that case, here's a smart list of things to bring with you!

Most important thing is the swim nappy! Our swim pant is not just a swim pant. It also functions as a swim nappy. Perfect for baby swim time, family pool at the weekend or on a sunny holiday. Attractive, flexible and quick-drying, it's a firm favourite with many and we can definitely see why. Vimse's swim pants are some of the very best you can find on the market! They are also approved to be used for baby swimming by the Swedish Baby Swim Association. There are many beautiful patterns and colours to choose from. Here are 5 reasons why the ImseVimse’s swim nappy is a great choice:

A perfect fit!
A perfect fit means, your child can play freely without discomfort or chafing.
Press studs!
Convenient press studs on the side make it easy and convenient to remove the swim pants. Especially handy when there is poo in the swim nappy.
Soft & snug!
The elastic around the legs is just snug enough to prevent poo from getting into the pool water, but still soft and comfortable and leaves no marks on the skin or and does not restrict circulation.
Quick drying lightweight!
This swim nappy is very lightweight. An added bonus is that it dries very quickly.
Double layered, and the fabric of the swim pants is leakproof.
Vimse’s swim pants are approved for use as swim pants by the Swedish Baby Swim Association.


What else do you need to bring with you?

Well, a big cosy towel for the baby to snuggle up in after the swim. Vimse's bath towels are a bit larger than our other model and therefore also suitable for larger children. The bath towel is made of 100% organic cotton. Bath towels can be found here. >>

Wear a pair of soft and comfortable water shoes on your feet to prevent slipping in the pool. They also provide protection against hot sand and stones on the beach. Find your water shoes here. >>

After the swim, put all wet clothes and towels in a moisture-proof bag. Vimse's PUL bag is soft, washable and made of laminated polyester. You will find the PUL bags here. >>

Happy swimming!