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Esska - part of Bare Collective

The soother. The detail on which the fragile everyday life of small children sometimes balances. The unassuming everyday savior for us is a symbol that even small choices are important and can be made with great awareness.

Soother, Botlle, Spoon, Bib.

With genuine commitment and genuine care, we manufacture small products that for many are of great importance during the first years of life. We are humbly aware that we are part of an important period when a lot is about giving a good start and meeting basic needs – safety, comfort, food, and sleep. And to get to sleep for a while sometimes.

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In our assortment you will find toddler products of the highest quality. Trusted everyday lifesaver products, safe for children to use and rigorously tested and approved. In addition, we develop our products to encourage curiosity and learning, supported by the latest research on child development. All our soothers are manufactured in our own soother factory in Lidköping.

Through the continuous development of good soother, and a growing assortment of durable and stimulating everyday details, we show great care for little people. Esska is a brand from Lidköping and part of Bare Collective

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