Happy latex

    The Happy soother always faces the right way thanks to its symmetrical shape. In addition, it is kind to your child's sensitive skin as the well-ventilated shield prevents skin irritation around the mouth. The suction part is made of durable and high-quality natural latex, which is suitable for all the small adventures of everyday life. Our high-quality latex is a purely natural product that is both flexible and very soft, but at the same time also resistant to the child's teeth.

    Symmetrical suction part in latex

    Natural rubber is called natural latex and is produced from the sap (latex) of various plants, mainly the Kautschuk rubber tree. It is more durable than silicone but is not tight and can therefore become porous after a period of use - it can then swell and/or change shape. Rubber also ages from air and sunlight. If you notice that the suction part has bite marks, changed shape, swelled up, or feels sticky, you should change the pacifier. Therefore, make sure to always check the pacifier regularly. When choosing a pacifier for your child, it can be useful to know if there is a latex allergy in the family.

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