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Looking for Period underwear?


You are in the right place!

Here are 10 reasons why Imse is the right choice for you:

  •  Imse's period undies are washable at 60 degrees. Easy to keep them fresh and hygienic!

  • They are made of organic cotton, which is kind to both your vulva and the planet.

  • Unlike other brands, Imse period undies are manufactured in Europe.

  • They fit exceptionally well, ensuring comfort and convenience.

  • Our panties contain only safe and high-quality materials, free from silver zeolite, or any other unusual substances. We prioritize your health and the environment.

  • Imse offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee on your first pair of period underwear.

  •  They are certified by Oeko-tex which guarantees that they do not contain any harmful chemicals, which means that they are safe for you, and your body.

  • Imse's period undies have the same color on the absorbent inside as on the outside. So if you choose a pair in a lighter color, you can easily keep track of the color of your period.

  • Searching for nighttime protection during your heavy flow? Get a pair of Imse's high waist heavy flow period underwear. These panties provide absorption to the waistband in both the front and back, giving you peace of mind and a comfortable night's sleep.

  • Our experience speaks for itself - for over three decades, we have been manufacturing reusable and washable hygiene products.