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We are thankful for our costumers that are rocking their Imse period undies with grace and confidence. Together, we're rewriting the narrative around menstruation, showing the world that our periods are not something to be ashamed of, but rather a beautiful part of who we are.

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Imse - part of Bare Collective

Our wish is for sustainable consumption to be the norm, not the exception. With a focus on functionality and feel, we challenge the industry's range of short-lived disposable products. Imse instead offers functional and reusable hygiene products, developed with great respect for and knowledge of the female body and its needs.

The freedom to choose a better alternative

Imse is never about pointers or bad consciences, but about freedom of choice. To contribute sustainable alternatives that prioritize well-being, for each unique period or incontinence. Products that can be used regularly, occasionally, or occasionally, when it suits. That is why we continuously develop our range, in constant dialogue with our customers.

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We are passionate about enabling conscious and individual choices of menstrual and leakage protection that contribute to a pleasant feeling. As part of that work, we are constantly improving the experience of our products, the ease of handling, and the environmental impact on the entire chain. In addition, we want to be involved and contribute to increased openness and the spread of knowledge about menstruation and incontinence.

At Imse you will find reusable menstrual and panty covers, tampons, absorbent panties, washcloths, cleaning pads, nursing pads, and much more. Imse is a Gotland brand and part of Bare Collective.

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