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Choosing sustainably for your child is an action for the future. For us, it goes without saying that this choice should never be made at the expense of functionality or comfort. The idea for Vimse was born out of necessity. Our collection was created because we ourselves lacked needed a greater initiative in terms of the products we offer, but perhaps most of all because of small children's bedrooms in our own neighbourhood that required kinder and more comfortable solutions.


An act of the future

Vimse is about empowering sustainable choices for conscious parents and their children. Vimse is never about pointing fingers or creating bad consciences Regularly, occasionally or once in a while, whenever it suits you. The choice is yours. Our products should contribute to a sense of wellness, including in the body and on the skin. We listen carefully to our customers wishes and work continuously to reduce the environmental impact of everything we do.

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With a focus on functionality and comfort, and a desire for sustainable consumption to be the norm, not the exception, we offer attractive, functional, and reusable hygiene products for the very young. Cloth nappies, potty training pants, swim nappies and cloth wipes that can be used time and time again. Vimse is a Gotland brand and part of Bare Collective.

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