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Abandon disposable pads and save money!

The average menstruating person uses approx. 12,000 - 16,000 disposable pads or tampons during a lifetime, if we calculate that in money, the sum rises quite quickly to enormous proportions.

During a lifetime, we who have periods spend approximately EUR 3 000 on menstrual protection. And that's money that's only thrown away after a single use. If you skip disposable pads and choose cloth pads and panty liners instead, you'll save a lot of money. In 10 years, you save approx. EUR 620! During a lifetime of menstruation, you save approx. EUR 2 400!

In addition - with reusable pads, you will always have menstrual protection at home when needed. No more glancing at the bathroom cabinet to see if any menstrual pads are left after your last period – you have reusable ones! Sure, there is an initial cost to buy several cloth pads and panty liners, but you will soon recoup the expense and save money. See below for our calculation.


Cost – Reusable products vs. disposable products

How we calculated: A menstruating person gets rid of about 12,000 disposable menstrual pads during a lifetime, whereas we have calculated that the average menstruating person bleeds for 40 years, and uses about 25 pads per month.

We have calculated an average of how many cloth pads and panty liners from Imse are needed for menstruation each month, the average is 18 units consisting of different sizes of cloth pads and panty liners. These 18 units have a 10-year warranty.

We have calculated that a menstruating person has periods for around 40 years, meaning you need to renew your cloth pads after 10 years, giving 4 different sets of menstrual protection over 40 years. 18×4= 72 cloth pads from Imse during a lifetime.

Cost for 10 years:

Imse 18 units have a 10-year warranty and the average price for Imse pads is EUR 4.87. 18 × 4.87= EUR 87.6 for 10 years – One-time protection: We have counted on a best-selling brand and made an average price for different models. The average price per unit is EUR 0.21, so 0.21×25=EUR 5.25 per month. 5.25 x12= EUR 63 per year. 63×10= EUR 630 for 10 years.

Cost for 40 years:

Imse = EUR 350 for 40 years – One-time protection (best-selling brand in Sweden) = approximately EUR 2 520 for 40 years.

You save approximately: EUR 2 170 in 40 years