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Period underwear free from biocides and antibacterial treatment

Since its establishment in 1988, Imse has been committed to providing environmentally friendly and gentle hygiene products. Imse has chosen a different path than many other players in the market when it comes to antibacterial treatment. Imse's products are free from antibacterial substances and biocides.

Imse's period underwear are safe for health and the environment
Some products, such as period underwear, are marketed as antibacterial when they have been treated with chemical substances called biocides. Biocides are a pesticide that can kill living organisms and are used, for example, to reduce bacterial growth.

However, these substances typically disappear after the very first washes and then enter the environment where they can cause harm.

"The best approach is to completely avoid products with biocides. When the panties are washed, the biocides end up in nature. This can harm other living organisms and contribute to antibiotic resistance," says Margareta Daho, an inspector at the Swedish Chemicals Agency.

At Imse, we have chosen not to add any antibacterial treatment to our period underwear, sanitary cloth pads, or other products. However, what makes Imse's menstrual protection unique is that they are washable at 60°C (140 °F). After a 60-degree wash, your period underwear is both clean, hygienic, and ready to be used again.

Imse's period underwear are tested by independent testing institutes
To ensure your complete confidence in Imse's menstrual protection, we conduct independent tests. Our products are certified with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, which is an independent and internationally recognized standard that ensures products do not contain harmful substances and meet strict health and safety requirements. This provides you with extra reassurance and assures you that our products are gentle both for your health and for the environment.