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Checklist soothers

Always make sure you check the soother prior to use by pulling the teat in all directions.

Replace the soother in the event of damage or deterioration. Replace the soother if you find bite marks on the teat.

We recommend changing your baby's soother at least every two months, regardless of wear and tear.

The soother should be protected from direct sunlight or heat as this will degrade the teat.

Do not dip the soother in medicine.

Don't dip the soother in anything sweet, as this can ruin your baby's teeth.

Do not tie ribbons or string around the soother as this poses a choking hazard. Instead use Esska’s Soother holders.

  • In the unlikely event that the soother and mouth shield end up inside the baby's mouth, there is no need to panic as the soother cannot be swallowed and the mouth shield contains holes which enables breathing. Remove it as carefully as possible.