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Guide: How to choose the right toy for children of different ages

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Gift tips

Is there a party going on? Let us help you find the perfect gifts. We have created a gift shop where you can find gift ideas based on age, budget and theme.

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Toy A much-appreciated gift or present that makes your birthday as special as you hoped.

Play together

Both children and adults can enjoy a solid gift, well thought out, and can be played with for generations. A toy that can even inspire dreams of the future, and furnishings that provide a cozy personal place where the child can create their magical world.

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More about Jabadabado

Children's joy is our drive

The doctor's bag, birthday train, rocking horse, parking garage and the glass kiosk are some of our contributions to imaginative excursions and developmental play. Since our launch in 1993, we have been driven by the love of giving the very best to the most precious thing we have: our children. The joy and playfulness of children is always the starting point when we design and create our products. We create genuine products that encourage family traditions, played with extensively for many years. They can be handed down or find new playmates as they are made to last.

Safety first

Something that also permeates our company is our safety mindset. When you buy products from us, you can rest assured that it has been manufactured, tested and approved according to all the strict regulations in place. We work with sustainable and natural materials such as wood and cotton with a focus on colour, design and function when we create our products. Every product, down to the smallest detail, is developed with immense innovation and passion. Additionally, we develop our toys to encourage learning, based on the latest findings in child development. Jabadabado is a Landskrona brand and part of Bare Collective.

More about Jabadabado