Stories/Care instructions sports bottle

    Care instructions sports bottle

    Prior to initial use, all parts of the bottle should be sterilised for 5 minutes in boiling water to ensure hygiene.

    Checklist sports bottles

    • Wash the bottle and cap before the initial use.

    • The bottle is dishwasher safe.

    • The bottle can be used in a microwave without the lid and valve.

    • The silicone valve is carefully inserted into the holes on the underside of the lid. Then press the two holes of the valve into the
      guide pins.

    • After the baby has had a sip, some fluid may collect between the valve and the spout. This fluid (a few drops) can be drained by turning the bottle upside down.

    • Carbonated beverages can damage the integrity of the bottle.

    • Do not leave the child unattended with the bottle and do not let the child run or walk with the bottle.